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Friday, June 30, 2017


Lots of pretty things this year. The valley is dry and windy but I enjoy the challenge of growing things, besides weeds :)

Heidi comes to the garden a lot with me. She spends many moments helping me water everything. And Hunter likes to help weed which is great.

 Autumn, Hunter and Emmett just finished swimming lessons. They did great and all are little fishies. Autumn is a strong swimmer even in deep water and a good diver. Hunter is learning all the different strokes. And Emmett he can go under the water and get the ring without using his feet to pick it up.

It's also mohawk season for the boys. We think they look pretty good. There has been lot's of mountain trips, lot's of fence, and I feel like the summer is flying away from us. Can't it just stay forever? Emmett wishes it was time for the mountains every day so he wears his back pack around fully packed loaded with mountain things (Undies and dart guns are essential). He never takes it off and it serves as a wonderful pillow when needed.

Back to the lingering infertility....We've finally admitted, okay I've finally convinced myself that trying for 19 months with four miscarriages means its time to go to a specialist. We have a consultation soon, maybe we can get some answers and some help. In 5 months it will be 2 years hoping and waiting and that hits hard, especially after losses. So we will see. I hope it works out.

My kids keep growing. Life keeps moving. Change is good.

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